Website Update: September 2021

Here we are again at the start of another month. This year seems to be really flying in at this point. It’ll be Christmas before we know it. At this point, we’re about six months back with Digital Runaway and while I felt like I needed a little break at the end of last month (there’ a couple of posts I’ll update soon enough) I’m hoping to start picking things up again and get back on track with a normal posting schedule.

I think I can admit though that I’m not in the position I expected to be in at this point with the website numbers actually decreasing from when we started but the truth about that is social media is quickly becoming a useless platform for anyone looking to build a new brand unless they’re willing to throw literally hundreds of pounds at the likes of Facebook and Twitter to promote their content.

Let’s use Facebook as an example here, we have something like 94 followers on Facebook, not a massive amount obviously but out of those 94, how many do you think saw the last post I put up there? The answer, 36 and that’s a good day. Yet, every couple of days I have Facebook emailing me to say how much more engagement I could get if I spent money of advertising with them. Yeah, I know they need to make money too but I’ve barely made off the ground here and I’m only running a dumb entertainment and lifestyle site. I’d terrified if I was running a legitimate business and I was relying on social media to get my name out there.

So, what does this mean for the website moving forward? Not an awful lot to be honest. We’ll still be posting as regular as we can with our usual mixture of reviews, opinion and features. Hopefully things will begin to pick up as we move up the Google Search rankings and believe it or not, every little click or comment helps us out more than you could ever know.

Thank you for your time and thank you for visiting Digital Runaway. As the old saying goes, every little helps.

by Edward Laing