Website Update: May 2021

April was a successful little month for us for the most part. We increased our online presence quite a bit throughout the month and got loads more eyes on the site with our most successful post being our review of Paradise City Season 1.

While we always aim for the website to be advert and sponsor free, we need to try and do our best to increase our online following moving forward so we’re able to cover bigger and better artists, bands and brands. Our Social Media accounts are proving useful with regards to getting some eyes on the website and at the end of the day it is all about those clicks.

Personally speaking as the editor of Digital Runaway, I want to try and maintain an open and honest relationship with the site’s readers and be transparent about how the site operates and even the viewing figures. You may or may not have noticed but each article has a Post Count listed at the bottom which is a live indicator of how many hits each post has had. Well, when it works it does.

We’re not looking to hide anything or exaggerate our impact on the world. We know we’re a small site, but we’re aiming high. As we look forward to the next couple of months, I want to try and introduce something new to the site so I’m currently looking to see what options we have available. So let’s see how May goes and I’ll see you back here in June for another update.

by Edward Laing