Website Update: August 2021

July has come and went in what feels like a blink of an eye so now we’re at that point were we need to start figuring out what the back half of the year looks like. We seem to be building up a nice little collection of film and T V coverage so we think we may start putting some focus back on other areas this month such as our music and opinion pieces to see how it goes.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking to share our review of the new Kyle Falconer album and while we originally wanted to keep the music side of the site focussed on Scottish artists only, I think that on occasion, we may start branching out with some international acts and as a result you’re going to see our review of Kat Von D’s debut album this week as well and while we may not manage it, we’re also talking with Kat’s PR in order to try and nail down an interview.

Also later in the year we’re hoping to introduce a new section to the site which, for the moment, we’re tentatively calling Icon whereby we’ll be interviewing some of the highest profile names from around the world in entertainment, sport and journalism and beyond and I don’t mind telling you right now the names at the very top of that list is Chris Jericho.

Some of the above may be a long way away so in the meantime be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check back from time to time to see how we’re doing as we continue our journey into mystery.

by Edward Laing