Website Update: April 2021

So we’ve been back just over a month now and the plan we originally set out isn’t really being adhered to. Originally we intended to post one article a week as we got back into the swing of things but that happened quicker than we expected and we’ve posted a lot more than we planned.

As a way to give ourselves a more structured approach to things we’ve started planning out our posts in advance and by the looks of things we’re going to be looking at a new post every four or five days so we should be able to get a good catalogue of content in place so that we can go into next year with as much momentum as possible.

You may also have noticed that some old content of ours from between 2012 and 2015 is staring to appear on the website again as well. We’ve found a few bits and pieces floating around the archives so thought we’d may as well put them to good use until we build ourselves back up again.

One thing I’d like to point out though in regards to our music coverage here at Digital Runaway is that we only intend to cover Scottish artists. This is the way we worked in the past and I think, for now at least, it’ll be the way move forward as we feel it important to give our homegrown artists a platform that can help them get noticed by a new audience.

Either way, I must admit that we’re glad to be back online again. We’ve managed a little over 1,600 site visits in the last few weeks which is an awesome start for us. While it may be a long road back to the 20,000 average we used to get originally both here and over on RockFusion Online, it is a good stepping stone to get us to where we want to be.

A new addition to the site this month will be the introduction of a new feature we’re labelling Revisited. The Revisited series will take a look back at some classic content from years gone by and examine their legacy and impact as well as how it holds up through a modern lens. The first couple of entries will focus on The Last of Us, Mortal Kombat (1995) and Star Wars with more to follow in through the year.

Most importantly though I want to thank you anyone who has taken their time to read anything we’ve posted over the last few weeks, to anyone who has left a comment, shared on social media, recommended us to a friend. It really means the world to us and without all of you I’d just be sitting here talking to myself.

by Edward Laing