Review: Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1 / Part 2

Despite the mostly negative response that Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1 / Part 1 received upon release back in July I actually really enjoyed what we got back then. Each episode of that original five that we got over the summer felt like the kind of classic standalone adventure we used to get every Saturday morning, albeit with an overarching narrative, however what we have this time is a more serialised form of story telling with each episode feeding directly into the next making me understand maybe why this series was split in two to begin with.

Picking up immediately after the events of the first batch of episodes, Revelation sees the focus shift from standalone adventures to a five episode long arc that runs throughout the remainder of the season and as a result it tends to lend itself to binge watching as I bashed these episodes out in a single sitting after work because quite frankly I was hooked and felt compelled to hit play on the very next episode.

The only real complaint I have about this half of Revelation is the fact that the trailer we got showed way too much of what was to come and as a result I had somewhat of an idea of what was to follow but rest assured that even if you did watch the last trailer we got for this, there are still plenty of twists and turns left to uncover as you watch.

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this you’ve seen the first half of Masters of the Universe Revelation and seen Skeletor achieve his goal of harnessing the power of Castle Grayskull because if you haven’t not only is that an obvious spoiler, but these new episodes throw you in at the deep end with no recap to refresh your memory and from the opening scene to the game changing ending, these final episodes don’t give you any room to breathe as the battle between good and evil really ramps up here with the consequences of failure spelling certain doom for our heroes and all of Eternia.

Truth be told though, as much as I can see why Netflix and showrunner Kevin Smith would have wanted to see the show split into two, I almost feel that they may have been better served releasing week to week to really build up the tension of the next episode. Sometimes, as nice as it is to sit and binge watch an entire show in the one sitting, there’s something to be said for weekly television and that anticipation of what’s still to come.

Do I think these new episodes are enough to change the minds of those who hated the first batch of episodes? Yes, actually I do. I think this half of the season helps alleviate a lot of complaints some people had to begin with. I just hope those who were disappointed before come back to see the conclusion to this truly epic story.

I really don’t want to say much more in an effort to stay as spoiler free as possible but if you read my review of Masters of the Universe Revelation Season 1 / Part 1 and take everything I said there about voiceover work and animation etc, and apply it to these new episodes, add in a more focussed, linear and serialised story then I really don’t think you can go wrong by giving this series a bash. I think from start to finish you’d be looking at around 4hrs of solid, family friendly, entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

by Edward Laing

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