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Review: Paradise City Season 1

To my surprise American Satan was one of the better films of 2017 so I was really looking forward to seeing where Paradise City was going to take the characters and story that had been so carefully crafted for that film. Set a couple of years down the road from American Satan, Paradise City continues …

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Review: WandaVision Season 1

When WandaVision first began in January I really didn’t know what to make of it. I didn’t really get the concept of the show as a whole and I’ve never been a huge an of the Wanda Maximoff character in the films. But, given the fact it is the only entry into the Marvel Cinematic …

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Interview: Terry Dresbach

An Interview with Terry Dresbach Costume Designer for the Hit TV Series, Outlander Costume design in a period setting is challenging to say the least and very few shows, or movies for that matter, can manage to do it a convincing way. Outlander however, doesn’t have that problem and in our minds, as we said in …

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