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Website Update: May 2021

April was a successful little month for us for the most part. We increased our online presence quite a bit throughout the month and got loads more eyes on the site with our most successful post being our review of Paradise City Season 1. While we always aim for the website to be advert and …

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Website Update: April 2021

So we’ve been back just over a month now and the plan we originally set out isn’t really being adhered to. Originally we intended to post one article a week as we got back into the swing of things but that happened quicker than we expected and we’ve posted a lot more than we planned. …

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Welcome to Digital Runaway

Digital Runaway first began life in 2015 as an offshoot of successful music based website RockFusion Online with the intention of being an alternative to all the mainstream, advert fuelled, clickbait entertainment sites that seemed to rule the internet back then… And by the looks of things, nothing has changed there. After a successful few …

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