Blog: The Weight Loss / Fitness Journey Update #1

One thing I have discovered over the last five weeks since beginning my weight loss and fitness journey is that the scales are not my friend. I can see visible changes in my body shape, increases in muscle mass and a decrease in belly fat yet I’ve actually put weight on. Do I think I’ve put on enough muscle mass to cause weight gain so close to the start of my joureny? No, not a chance.

I think the biggest, and most likely cause of the increased weight despite a visible physical difference is going to be excess water weight. I’ve been drinking an awful lot more water recently in order to stay hydrated but also to try and stave off the headaches I get in the hotter and brighter weather and while my diet has been more consistent more than it ever has been in the past, the additional liquids I’m drinking will impact my weight ever so slightly so hopefully it’s down to the combination of slight muscle gain and a lot of water but time will tell if that is actually true.

Thanks to my continued use of Hello Fresh over the past few weeks, I do actually feel healthier due to eating more whole foods and less processed nonsense however I can’t deny I do still dabble in the odd biscuit here or there but for the most part I’ve been pretty consistent.

Gone are the days of takeaways, pizza and McDonald’s breakfasts but I understand that change is slow and no matter how much I turn my diet around I’m not looking for a quick fix. I don’t want to be one of those people who reaches their goal in a matter of months only to pile the weight back on again within a year or two. I’m after slow and steady fat loss and a full lifestyle change.

They say consistency is key and you can’t out train a bad diet but you know what else you can’t out train? A bad sleeping schedule. Another reason I’m thinking that I may have gained weight is that I’ve barely been sleeping, mostly due to my fun neighbour’s habit of trying to set things on fire while still in the building, but hopefully that situation is on it’s way to getting rectified meaning I can get some decent sleep without the fear of waking up just to be burned alive.

I know this update is short but nobody really cares about the guy at the start of his journey, they want to see the difference at the end so with that in mind I’ll continue to post sporadic updates here but around Christmas time I’ll put together something that will hopefully show some decent progress and help inspire some like minded people out there in the world.

by Edward Laing